Brandon Thomas- Co owner/Head Coach & Super Dad

Brandon is an Austin native. He attended Texas State University where he played basketball and earned his B.S. in Exercise Sports Science. After graduating Brandon spent the next three years traveling the world playing professional basketball and experiencing global wellness trends in India, Japan, Switzerland, and Finland. Upon return to the states, Brandon channeled his knowledge into personal training and found his new passion. He fell in love with helping his clients achieve their goals, and came to regard them as his family.

One session with Brandon will highlight why he is one of Austin’s most sought after coaches. His infectious personality and love for each and every person he comes into contact with fuel his drive to go above and beyond to make sure everyone is set up for success.

What you might not know?

When Brandon is not working hard at SWEAT Athletics, he can be found on the basketball court training the Austin-area youth through Beast Hoops, a basketball skill and development program he created in 2014.

When the gym lights are off and basketballs aren’t bouncing, Brandon is spending time with his wife (co-owner Jessica), two-year old son Grayson, and their two dogs, Campbell and Clover. Together they hike, swim, tear up the playground, and take family walks... you can always find them out and about in ATX living the lifestyle they swear (and SWEAT) by.

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Jessica Kurtz Thomas- Co-Owner/Coach & Super Mom

Jessica grew up in the small town of Raymond, Mississippi and attended the University of Tennessee… GO VOLS where she received her B.A. in Advertising. Upon graduation, Jessica moved around the country working in pharmaceutical and tech until she settled here in Austin with her husband where she made a gutsy career change into fitness. After managing a small boutique studio in Austin for almost two years, Jess and Brandon have finally decided it was time to take another risk and open their own space.

What you might not know?

Jessica’s fitness journey has been a long and hard one; she struggled with her weight/health since childhood. She was always active in high school playing softball and cheerleading, but college life took its toll. During her senior year she set out to be active again and was in her best shape yet by graduation. Her motivation to stay fit yoyo’d throughout her 20s while she struggled to find a good professional and social balance. Unhappy in her pharma career, she knew she wanted to work in fitness but was too scared to make the leap. After having her son, Grayson, and dealing with depression, she decided it was time to make a change both personally and professionally and accepted a job managing a fitness studio in downtown ATX, falling in love with fitness all over again. Balancing work, personal health, being a mom and wife, and personal health is not easy… it takes an immense amount of dedication to feel like you’re truly devoting enough time to each aspect of your life (if that’s even possible). After making the career change, she finally hit her stride. Now at 30 years old, with a toddler, she is truly at her fittest and happiest. She found her passion in keeping her mind healthy by honoring her body and strives everyday to help others find the same joy, even if it’s just for an hour a day!

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